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why_object_webMap_shadow_1_1000pixAs a resident of the Blue Mountains or Western Sydney, there are numerous reasons for opposing the Western Sydney Airport, here are just a few:

  • No curfews Excessive, intrusive noise for residents 24/7
  • Air pollution trap Western Sydney is in a basin known retaining air pollution
  • The increased air pollution and emissions will increase rates of health issues including cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and mental disorders
  • Loss of tourism economy from noise and visual pollution
  • Threat to World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains National Park
  • Threat to Sydney’s Drinking Water Catchment
  • Ecological Impact threatens unique species cause by increased pollution and noise
  • There will be fewer jobs than stated and no job guarantees for Western Sydney residents
  • More trucks on the roads No funding for fuel pipeline
  • No provision for rail link
  • Increased overcrowding on public transport
  • This will also be a Cargo Airport. There will be more trucks on roads and older noisier aircraft overhead at all hours
  • Not necessary there is ample capacity left at Sydney airport
  • All Blue Mountains areas will be affected including the Upper Mountains

There is not much time. Make sure you lodge a submission before Friday December 18, 2015.

Come along to the EDO session on Sunday December 6 at Lawson Community Centre on how to write a submission. More details here

This website contains links to all the Government documentation and links to various organisations with heaps of information.