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It seems much more viable than a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek. It would encourage decentralisation, create tons jobs. It could be made effective and be carbon neutral.

Below are a series of links to reports and articles both for and against.


High Speed Rail
Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Provides some background information and links to the two reports commissioned by the Gillard Government in 2011


High-speed rail in Australia


Australian high speed rail: The little engine that can’t
news.com October 15, 2015


High Speed Rail for Australia – a fast track to the future or just the same old pipe dream?
Flagpost: information and research from the Parliamentary Library January 2014


Gillard’s Very Farce Train
John McLean is the author of three peer-reviewed papers on climate matters and a regular contributor to Quadrant Online. He’s currently studying for a PhD through James Cook University

Commentary: The case for High Speed Rail
Transport Sydney


Greens’ high speed rail report undermines case for second Sydney airport
A new report, commissioned by Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt, outlines a strong economic case for High Speed Rail removing the need to build a second airport for Sydney and shows $48 billion in benefits from a HSR network along the East Coast.




Time has come for high-speed rail for Sydney-Melbourne: Maurice Newman
Railpage Updated Sunday, 12 April, 2015


High-speed rail can be a reality for Australia


High Speed Rail for Australia Now by Peter Knight
A new book by Peter J Knight

East coast fast-rail link back on track

Goulburn Mulwaree Council is actively advocating for High Speed Rail